[Is it allergic to eating asparagus]_Asparagus_Food Allergies_Diet

[Is it allergic to eating asparagus]_Asparagus_Food Allergies_Diet

I believe that many people have eaten asparagus in normal times. The nutritional value of asparagus is relatively high. This is a food that is rich in fiber supplements. It can promote appetite and help digestion. Most people can eat it.However, some people may be allergic after eating asparagus, mainly for patients with gout and diabetes, so eating asparagus will have a cold.

Asparagus has a delicious and aromatic flavor, and the precipitated fibers are soft and delicious, which can increase appetite and help digestion.

The general population can eat it, but this does not mean that asparagus is safe for everyone, and there are places to pay attention to when eating.

1, gout, diabetes, abnormal metabolism of uric acid and spleen and stomach deficiency should not be eaten.

Because the purine content in asparagus is relatively high, it will aggravate the metabolic disorder of uric acid.

2. People who are allergic to asparagus should not eat it.

Asparagus may also be an allergen. If you are allergic to asparagus, eating asparagus may cause skin redness and swelling, frequent diarrhea, indigestion, headache, sore throat, pain and other allergic symptoms, so this group of people should also avoid eating asparagus.
3. Choose fresh and good quality asparagus.

Fresh ingredients have good anisotropic flavor and high nutritional value, so many people like to eat it.

When buying fresh asparagus, the whole plant should be upright, the buds of the shoots (scales) should be tight, no awns, no long coaxial buds, no water damage and rot, and the skin should be bright and not atrophic.

In addition, asparagus is good, but it should not be stored for more than 1 week, and should be stored at low temperature and dark.