Autumn anti-acne tips keep you beautiful _2

Autumn anti-acne tips keep you beautiful How to fight acne in autumn? Many beauty people will ignore the autumn in the city. In fact, the skin is easy to get acne after changing the season in autumn. Today, I will bring a few anti-acne tips for everyone.   Anti-acne tips in autumn1. Use as little oil-absorbing

Men’s skin care does not whiten oil control

Men’s skin care does not “whiten” oil control Does summer skin shine and worry about how to keep your skin fresh? You know, oil control is not only a problem that women should pay attention to, as a fashionable man, it should pay attention to their increasingly oily skin. The differences in the anatomical structure

Large temperature difference is easy to cough

Large temperature difference is easy to cough It is about to enter December, and the temperature is starting to become the same as the roller coaster. The sun is bright during the day, and the wind is cold at night. How can such a large temperature difference be held down? Large temperature differences are prone

10个水果美容法 肌肤备受呵护

10个水果美容法 肌肤备受呵护 多吃水果确实对身体有益,但却未必能有效让皮肤美丽起来。希望皮肤白皙无瑕,将水果维生素直接涂抹皮肤上要比“吃”来得快速和有效。所以我们说:不要只让嘴巴享受水果,要让肌肤也尽情感受来自水果的呵护,做个新鲜水果美人。   草莓   含多种果酸,能增白、增加皮肤弹性,使皮肤滋润保湿,特别适合夏日容易出油的油性肌肤。   柠檬   在护肤用途上,柠檬可说是“神奇果”,它的果肉,它的汁,甚至果皮都能被充分利用,其功能包括洁净和美白肌肤,增加皮肤弹性,并可改善油脂分泌旺盛的情况。   木瓜   木瓜鲜奶可以丰胸,木瓜酵素则可温和地祛除死皮。当你觉得皮肤黯淡,脸上积聚厚厚的死皮时,便应选用含木瓜成分的产品。   酸柑   酸柑全身都很有价值,尤其它的种子更为突出,其表面粘状物质的主要成分是果胶,乃食物纤维,其吸水性及保存水分的能力极强,具有天然保湿效果。此外,种子里的类黄酮、儿茶素等抗氧化物质能预防皮肤表面形成黑斑,所含的柠檬酸、果酸也能祛除多余角质。   黄梨   黄梨的果肉有去毒美白功效,因为它包含一种酶,可以消除肌肤上老化的角质。在斯里兰卡,女士都用黄梨片来清洗脸上的污垢。   柑橘   柑橘类如香橙精华,有高洁净功效,可去除污垢和多余的油脂。所含的丰富维他命C具有美白作用,有效针对黑色素,从而改善黯淡的肤色,让肌肤回复白皙柔滑。   樱桃   樱桃的含铁量位居水果之首,其维生素含量也高于苹果,此外它的矿物质和钾含量也很高,是最佳的补气益血滋养品,可健脑益智,还能使皮肤嫩白光滑,面色红润,祛皱除斑。   黑加仑子   黑加仑子含有丰富的糖、有机酸、多种维生素、活性物质、丰富矿物质及特殊芳香成分,能清洁并唤醒疲倦的肌肤,促进肌肉的兴奋,使肌肤光彩立现。   葡萄   葡萄的美容功效极其多元化。首先,它的葡萄多酚(Polyphenols)具有抗氧化功能,能阻断游离基增生,有效延缓衰老;而葡萄果核可软化肤质,使皮肤滋润保湿。此外,葡萄果肉蕴含维他命B3及丰富矿物质,可深层滋润、抗衰老及促进皮肤细胞更生。   猕猴桃   猕猴桃除含丰富维他命A、C和E,以及钾、镁和纤维素外,更含其他水果少见的营养成分如氨基酸及天然肌醇,能渗透并深入滋养肌肤,有效修复受损肌肤,有助抑制黑色素生长,预防雀斑,具有一定的美白功效。

Acute measles diet try barley red bean water

Acute measles diet try barley red bean water Pimple urticaria, also known as acute simple prurigo, is a common allergic skin disease. The disease is more common in children and adolescents, and is mostly related to insect bites, food allergies, and disorders of reorganization. The author recommends several traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions that are easy

Online Friendship: Popular Lying

Online Friendship: Popular Lying When considering online solicitation, many people fabricate their height, weight or age.   This was discovered by Dr. Jeffrey Hancock, a professor of communications at Cornell University, and his colleagues.   They looked at 80 online solicitors in New York City and found that at least 81% fabricated their height, weight or age

Six benefits of water yoga

_1 Six benefits of water yoga Water Yoga, as the name suggests, is an innovative form of exercise that precisely combines the basic principles of water exercise with some familiar yoga poses. At present, tens of thousands of people in the United States are keen on water yoga, and many swimming pools in Japan have

How to do cough without stopping

How to do cough without stopping In fact, in addition to taking medicine, there are many treatments for cough in daily life. Some fruits and vegetables we eat often have the effect of treating cold cough. Then, let’s take a look at what fruits and vegetables in daily life can treat cough.   1. Garlic According